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Trusted & Experienced Attorneys

Business Law

Trusted & Experienced Attorneys

Michigan Business Attorneys for the Business World

Practical Knowledge, Pragmatic Advice, and Creative Strategic Planning

Choosing a law firm to handle your business needs can be a stressful experience. Our attorneys explain the law, legal ramifications and provide practical solutions in layman’s terms so there’s no confusion. But our success in assisting our clients comes from more than our ability to communicate. Our extensive legal, practical and educational experience enables us to address your owner-operated, corporate legal matters with thoroughness. What sets our business law firm apart is our:

  • Practical Business Experience
  • Pratical Legal Experience
  • Authoratative Knowledge of Business Law

We understand your needs and focus on your goals as we help you start a new business, prepare a contract or negotiate a dispute.

Turning Legal Problems into Business Solutions

Many general practice law firms in Michigan have lawyers with business law backgrounds, but not the practical business skills you’ll find at Law Offices of Meroueh & Hallman LLP. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in every aspect of your business:

  • Business Law - We handle matters related to contracts and transactions for any type of enterprise. Our vast experience includes construction, entertainment, intellectual property and international business.
  • Small Business and Startups - Retaining our firm is like having a general counsel for your small business without the in-house cost. We take a personal interest in the success of our entrepreneurial clients and provide them with reliable counsel on reasons why and how to start a business in Michigan, as well as practical advice for buying or selling a business.
  • Formation, Operations, and Dissolution - We can help you choose whether to form an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, partnership or other entity. We can draft your sales and distribution agreements as well as manufacturing and employment agreements. When your business has run its course, we help you dissolve the entity cost-effectively and in compliance with state and federal law.
  • Strategic Planning and Asset Protection - We counsel business owners to avoid pitfalls, such as working beyond their means, and encourage detailed organizational engineering, which includes protection of personal wealth and business assets from liability and taxation.
  • Litigation - We handle every type of business and corporate dispute, including stockholder, partner and franchise litigation through traditional negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and trial.

At our firm, we do more than connect the dots for businesses - we create the dots.