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Quit Claim Deed

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Meroueh & Hallman LLP, a Michigan Real Estate Law Firm, can help you with drafting and recording a Michigan Quit Claim Deed. As lawyers, we would encourage you not to fill out a form you found online for free or bought from an office supply store unless you know exactly what you are doing. Unless the form you found is reviewed by a Michigan lawyer, you cannot be confident the form is appropriate for the State of Michigan or for your use. Improperly completing, filing or recording a Michigan Quit Claim Deed can cause title problems or unexpected and unintended consquences. Call us now to start the process and get your Michigan Quit Claim Deed drafted and recorded.

There is absolutely no reason you should not use a Michigan real estate lawyer for your quit claim deed as our flat fee rate is only $175.00. Best of all, your Michigan Quit Claim Deed is filed soon after it is signed! Call (313) 582-7469 to get started.

  • Michigan Quit Claim Deed Drafting
  • In order to transfer an interest in real property, you will need to draft a deed for that transfer. There are several forms for deeds including Warranty Deeds and Quit Claim Deeds. Warranty Deeds warrant that the transferor has good title to the property and will defend the same should a dispute arise. A quit claim deed on the other hand simply transfer any interest, if any, that the transferor has in the property to the new party. No warranty is made as to the status of title of the property or restrictions that the transferor may have as to the use and ownership of the property. It is important to remember that a Michigan Quit Claim deed is a permanent and unconditional transfer that cannot be undone without the drafting and recording of another deed. Great caution should be taken in the drafting of a Quit Claim Deed as you will be divesting yourself of all ownership in the property. Once recorded, the new owner may take out a loan on the property, rent the property, offer it for sale, or transfer it to someone else.

    Neither the Court nor the Recording office for the County can help you fill out and complete a deed. While you can buy a form from an office supply store, that is no substitute for the legal advice of a lawyer. If you are not familiar with the process of drafting a Michigan Quit Claim Deed, we would suggest that you should not begin to experiment at this time. Making a mistake in drafting a quit claim deed could be very costly, cause title problems, prevent the future transfer of the property and force you to spend thousands of dollars to fix in the future.

  • Michigan Quit Claim Deed Recording
  • In order to make the transfer in the property official, the Michigan Quit Claim deed must be recorded in the Register of Deeds of the County where the property is located. Recording the deed places the entire world on notice of who the new owner is for the property. Failure to record the Michigan Quit Claim Deed could result in the forfeiture of your property rights and interests in the real property. The recording of the Michigan Quit Claim Deed requires that certain costs and fees be paid. Each county has their own recording costs. Failure to pay all fees at the time of recording will result in the return of your Michigan Quit Claim deed to you.

  • Michigan Quit Claim Deed Lawyer Benefits
  • Meroueh & Hallman LLP, a Michigan Quit Claim Deed Law Firm, can help you properly draft and record your Michigan Quit Claim Deed. We will follow your instructions for who shall be placed on the Michigan Quit Claim Deed. Since this is not a real estate closing, unless you request it, this office will not obtain a title report on the property prior to the drafting of the Michigan Quit Claim Deed. All we will need to proceed is a copy of the last recorded deed for the property and your instructions as to whom the property will be transferred. Thereafter, Meroueh & Hallman LLP will determine the place for recording, the amount for recording, and process all paperwork on your behalf to have your Michigan Quit Claim Deed recorded on your behalf. Once recorded, we will mail you the original recorded Michigan Quit Claim Deed for your records.

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